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An automated meeting management platform built with event managers to address all their challenges.

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Ever thought there must be an easier way to boost your event performance?

Event managers face high-pressure – juggling meetings, sudden changes, and the crucial task of measuring ROI. This complexity calls for a streamlined solution and real-time support to empower your event success.

Are you experiencing the following frustrations?

You deserve a comprehensive platform that empowers you to:

Handle event management chaos

Build a flawless record of event success

Boost your ROI

Lodago Events

a single platform for all your events.

All event types & sizes

  • Trade shows
  • Third parties events
  • Proprietary events
  • Executive events
  • Matchmaking events
  • Sales Conferences
  • Hybrid events

All meeting location

  • Off-site meetings locations
  • Private meeting rooms
  • Open tables at your booth
  • Demo station
  • Exclusive venue

All meeting types

  • Private meetings
  • Demo
  • Booth tours
  • Reception
  • Side events

Integrate with any tool...

Let’s embark on your flawless event management journey
with Lodago Events

1.Book a Call - Let’s review your event needs 2.Personalized Onboarding - Tailored support to kickstart your journey 3.Lifetime Support Guarantee - We're here for you every step of the way 4.Boost ROI with Lodago - Measure, prove, and grow your success

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