Generate new revenue by becoming a Lodago Events partner!

Promote Lodago Events, the meeting management platform tailored for in-person events.

Overview of the benefits offered

Up to 20%

commission on the first year’s invoice amount

3 programs

to fit each of our partners

How does it work?

1. Join the program

Choose the product and type of partnership you want in the registration form.

2. Promote Lodago

Recommend or sell Lodago solution

3. Earn commissions

Earn revenue for every referral that results in a sale or when you sell one of our solutions.

4. Choose your commission

Earn your commission in cash, as a gift voucher from Amazon or Apple, or, in the true spirit of community, be channelled to a charitable cause of your choice.

How to become a Lodago partner?

Apply now in 4 easy steps:

Fill in your information and choose the program you want to join in the application form. Click here to discover our different programs.

We will carefully review your application and contact you to discuss the partnership.

We review your application and give you an answer usually within 7 days after our exchange.

Our programs

Recommended partner

You recommend us and we take care of everything! Selling the solution, the onboarding and support.

$2 000 - $4 000
Cash, Amazon/Apple voucher, or donation

A commission of up to $4 000 per successful referral based on your history of successful referrals.

Économisez 30 € par an avec un abonnement annuel

Sales partner

You sell the solution, and we take over from there! We do the onboarding and customer support.

12% - 15%

A commision of up to 15% based on the total revenue generated during the first year of the subscription

Économisez 30 € par an avec un abonnement annuel

Accredited partner

You sell the solution and are in charge of supporting your customers. We only make Lodago available.

17% - 20%

A commision of up to 20% based on the total revenue generated during the first year of the subscription

Économisez 30 € par an avec un abonnement annuel


What is the Lodago Partner Program?

This program allows you to receive a commission by referring us or selling the solution to your friends/network/clients. With Lodago Partner Program you can make your business as profitable as possible by creating new income opportunities.

What is Lodago?

Lodago is a pioneer in online appointment setting using the latest innovations in emailing. With Lodago, you send interactive emails to your prospects. The availability of your calendar is integrated in the email.

With 10 years of experience in email marketing and after 2 years of research and development, we are the only ones to offer a solution that allows the recipients to book a meeting directly within the email. We have removed all the unnecessary steps that have been lowering the conversion rate.

Experience the ultimate convenience of Lodago Scheduling, revolutionizing meeting bookings and team coordination. With a single click, prospects can effortlessly schedule meetings directly from your email. Gain valuable insights through unique Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), providing meaningful information about each meeting. Additionally, Lodago Scheduling simplifies appointment distribution within your team using Round Robin, ensuring a fair workload. Say goodbye to complexity and effortlessly organize group meetings with a single click.

But the benefits don’t stop there. Introducing Lodago Event, the all-in-one scheduling software designed for in-person events. Streamline your event management process with a flexible platform that centralizes all event information in one view. Unlock the potential for more high-quality B2B meetings through comprehensive pre-qualification and real-time analytics. Elevate your team's performance and make your events truly remarkable with Lodago Event.

Is there a charge for the program?
No. Registration and participation in the program is completely free. There is no minimum sale or referral requirement to receive your commission.
Do I have to be a Lodago customer?

We would love for you to use Lodago, but you do not have to be a customer to participate in the program.

What do I have to do to sign up?

Choose the type of program you want to participate in and apply to the program. We will review your application and approve it if it meets our respective expectations.

Are there any limitations to the program?

No. The program is open to everyone.

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