Cybernews acknowledges Lodago as one of the best Zoho integrations

Zoho's best integration

Tired of exchanging several emails hoping to book an appointment or clicking on an appointment booking link?

Annoying – we get it!

Whatever your need is, be sure that Lodago is versatile enough to optimize your every online appointment scheduling need. Our unique features allow you to improve every aspect of the process:

  • Bypass spam filters with our email calendar: book meetings with one click directly in the email, displaying your up-to-date availability;
  • Automatically allocate booked meetings within your team with our Round Robin feature;
  • Easily find meeting times with your colleagues for internal and external clients, for better teamwork!

Furthermore, our tool is available in more than 40 languages and if your language is not yet available, you only need to tell us and it will be.

Our approach on changing old-fashioned booking ways have even attracted attention from Cybernews. This online resource covering everything from VPN comparisons , to the latest cyber world news recently highlighted us as one of the best Zoho apps available!

Cybernews acknowledges Lodago as one of the best Zoho integrations!

What is Zoho?

Zoho is a well-known customer relationship management (CRM) software used by over 250,000 companies in 180 countries. This software enables your sales team to be more productive, so that you can improve the efficiency of your business:

  • Boost your sales by identifying and nurturing quality leads;
  • Make tactical decisions by receiving accurate data from across your organization;
  • Access the software from anywhere because it is mobile friendly;
  • Access a customer’s historical data, and quickly resolve their requests for better customer satisfaction.

A sometimes forgotten benefit...

A sometimes forgotten benefit of appointment schedulers is that they may make your appointment system more secure than traditional methods. Appointment scheduling solutions are fundamentally more secure than self-managed systems since they leverage cloud storage.

Using a virtual private network (VPN) whenever you go online is an extra security step. You may need to read comparison reviews in order to find ideal options for your operating system. But the work is worth the effort! Reliable VPN’s will both encrypt your data and cover your IP address, making it way more difficult for hackers to do any kind of damage!

Discover Cybernews’ article:

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