What is this new technology that revolutionizes email prospecting?

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The latest innovation in emailing allows users to interact in the email and have content always up to date. This latest innovation is a computer language that can now be used for email: AMP for email (Accelerated Mobile Page for email).

AMP: definition.

AMP, or Accelerated Mobile Page, is a web authoring language derived from HTML. AMP is an open source initiative launched by Google to increase loading speeds, improve the user experience during navigation and enable mobile browsing more fluid. Applied to emailing, we can already understand that there is a big difference between HTML email and AMP email. But this is not all. In addition to allowing content to be updated all the time, AMP email allows the user to interact directly in the email. 

The Google research study

According to a Google study, allowing users to interact within the email and have access to up-to-date data improves the results of the email up to 60%. This is now possible thanks to the latest email marketing technology. 

Lodago brings email into the 21st century with interactive email

Mustafa Senhaji, founder of Lodago discovered Google’s research on AMP for email. So he wanted to develop a solution to make this technology accessible to all to get more appointments, more sales, more growth, and thus contribute to the creation of jobs.

Before AMP emails: low productivity and negative results

  • Only text, images and links within an email.
  • Static and out-of-date content – if the recipient opens the email today or in a week, the content remains the same and the user may be presented with inaccurate or out-of-date information.
  • Non-clickable and non-interactive content – if the recipient clicks on a link or button, a new browser tab opens. Many users think twice before clicking on a link in the email without knowing which page they will be redirected to or for fear of fraud.

With Lodago and AMP emails: email results improved up to +60%.

  • Any type of content such as videos, forms, catalogs or reservation systems.
  • Up-to-date content – if the recipient opens the email today or in a week, the content may change to always provide current and accurate information.
  • Clickable and interactive content – if the recipient clicks on a link or a button, he stays inside the email. They are not redirected to another location. 

As Google’s Gmail team product manager, Aakash Sahney, said at the AMP conf 2019 : “Users can actually interact within the message itself. As they can respond to a questionnaire or an invitation, all at from the email without opening a new tab in their browser. (…) Emailers can actually create rich applications thumbnails inside their emails. So tons of new use cases and impacts are possible with AMP used for emails.”.

What are the results for Gmail partners?

They have achieved impressive results. To give just a few examples:

  • Click rate multiplied by 2 : Indeed, which is a job search site, sent out dynamic job alert emails to promote more relevant, always-on, personalized jobs to its database. Indeed has seen a 2 times more clicks on dynamic job alert emails compared to the equivalent static email.
  • +60% conversion rate : Oyo, a travel booking company, allowed users to browse suggested accommodations and view the details (user ratings, presence or absence of wifi, etc.) directly in the email. By doing this, instead of redirecting the user to their website to view the suggested accommodations, the click-through rate increased by 57% and the conversion rate by 60%.

Deliver real measurable value that significantly improves email results

As Aakash Sahney (Product Manager of Google’s Gmail team) reminded us, AMP for email “brings real measurable value to email senders who adopt it.” These results show the massive potential when senders add interactivity and updated content within messages. It brings an engaging experience to email by allowing users to an action directly inside the email.

Until recently, the web has evolved dramatically, but email has not. It didn’t meet users’ expectations. Today, a whole world of possibilities is emerging to achieve an impressive increase in email results.

After 2 years of research and development, Lodago is the first company to make available the latest innovation in email marketing to make an appointment. Lodago allows you to use this competitive advantage. The prospect only has to select a niche time to make an appointment directly in the email without leaving your inbox. As the traditional brakes are eliminated (opening a new page, no view on availability, back and forth emails to schedule an appointment) the click through rate and conversion rates are skyrocketing.

The solution proposed by our company is easy to use and does not require any computer knowledge to be used. It integrates directly into your sales and CRM software. We offer you a turnkey and affordable solution. 

Don’t wait any longer to generate more sales with Lodago !

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