What is Round Robin Assignment?

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Round robin assignment is one of the most common methods of distributing meetings among the team members evenly. The algorithm automatically allocates incoming meetings among team members on a cyclical basis.

As an example, the first meeting request goes to Employee Number 1, the second request goes to Employee Number 2, the third one to Employee Number 3, and so on, till all the meeting requests are evenly distributed. Leads are distributed among the teammates in a rotational manner.

With time, more companies are abandoning the traditional territories in sales to go for Round Robin assignment, due to its efficiency and also because it is easy to manage. The algorithm is rotational and hence the workload is divided rather equally.

Incidentally using Round Robin has been a nightmare for many sales teams owing to its inefficiency in balancing the load among teammates, often leading to resentment and friction. As a workaround for this problem, Lodago lets you allocate meetings among teammates also as per your weightings, based on factors like seniority of the team member, the date of joining, the level of performance, etc.

So why should you consider using Round Robin? Some of the most important benefits are listed below:

The most important benefits of Round Robin

Accelerating lead-response times

Firstly, using Round Robin accelerates your response time to leads, which inevitably leads to better conversion rates, as confirmed by several studies. Moreover, with the presence of so many competitors, it’s important to respond to your leads’ questions, concerns, and follow-ups as quickly as possible. After all, according to a study by Lead Connect, about 78 percent of deals go to the first responders.

It is therefore very essential for sales teams, especially to use the Round Robin algorithm to respond fast to the prospects and also to assign a sales representative who can then have meaningful conversations and take the deal forward, especially when the prospect’s interest is at its peak. Sometimes, this stage can come immediately after a call or receiving an email, and sometimes reaching this stage can take weeks, depending on the availability of the prospect. The bottom line is that the sales representative can jump into the conversation when it’s most likely to convert.

Fairer Lead Distribution

There are several methods of lead distribution, but if we had to handpick two, they would be equal distribution and assigning leads to candidates as per your preferences or cherry-picking candidates to be exact. 

For the former, Round Robin works best due to its rotational order, and hence leads are equally distributed among all the sales representatives, leaving out any favouritism or bias and giving everyone equal opportunities.

In some situations, however, it becomes important to choose people with more expertise. With our tool, Lodago, you can also distribute meetings among your team members as per your weightings and by taking several factors like performance, seniority etc into play and allocate a greater percentage of meetings to more experienced people or to your top performers, thereby improving your chances at converting leads. New comers in the team can also get some relief when they are starting out thus leading to overall satisfaction in the team.

Automatically pausing appointments to teammates who are busy or not available

Another advantage of using the Round Robin method for meeting allocation is its ability to take the availability of the sales representatives into consideration.

As an example, a sales representative may not be available after a certain hour, or might just be away or a vacation or simply be on leave. In situations like these, it is important for the algorithm to stop allocating meetings to representatives who will not be able to handle such requests at that time.

The algorithm ensures minimal disruptions and also sees to it that leads are not kept hanging. Sales reorientates can simply block that time in their calendar and Round Robin will make sure that no meetings are allocated to the representatives during these days and/or hours.

Holding your team accountable

It is often easy to rest on one’s achievements in sales, even when incentives are offered. However, using Round Robin, and issuing new leads to your sales representatives continuously throughout the month, they are more likely to follow through to acquire the sale or convert the lead.

Allocate your meetings to the best representatives easily

With Round Robin and Lodago, you can match prospects to your best performers based across industries and locations, thereby ensuring that the right representatives are allocated based on your allocation percentages.

Reduce your sales cycle considerably

By automating the process of allocating meetings, you make sure that a lot of unnecessary time and bias that goes into cherry-picking is reduced, leading to less friction among your team members and also ensuring that the sales cycle is reduced, leading to greater chances of conversion.

Greater customer support

Using Round Robin method for meeting allocation is also very beneficial from the customer’s point of view, as they get full customer support from the team.

Round Robin ensures more availabilities for customers, ensuring that they are able to get in touch with someone regarding their requests, concerns or other follow-ups in general. It also ensures that no customer is kept hanging and that a representative is always allocated to them. Automating the process of allocation also makes the response time faster and this is upper beneficial for the customer.

This is in turn very useful from the business point of view as well as it leads to greater customer satisfaction, thereby greatly increasing the customer retention rate and revenue.

Reassign meetings to different team members

You can also reassign team members to events in Round Robin by rescheduling. We just have to pick the date and time of the original event as we will be good to go. This can also count as one of round robin’s most valuable features.

We therefore witnessed how using Round Robin provides a lot of benefits in terms of management, customer support, teams, sales, customer satisfaction, the feelings of employees, the feelings of newcomers and so on.

Round Robin is thus a simple but very effective tool in allocating meetings in a decided manner among the team members, be it in a rotational manner and thus equal or as per your team’s weightings. Your lead distribution model after all heavy effects your sales and your revenue and as such you have to make smart choices. Distributing your leads right can tremendously increase your sales and Round Robin is one of the most popular models for distribution which always has a positive outcome. It can be hugely useful to develop a system where leads are allocated evenly or based on your criteria, while reducing your response time significantly, leading to greater sales, customer satisfaction and overall retention.

So how do you use Round Robin? Although, the method is pretty simple in itself. So how do you configure Round Robin?

The very first step is to configure the lead redirection rules based on your specific company policies. For example, if a lead does not show up to a meeting or a meeting is cancelled in general with someone from your team, you can set up your platform with Round Robin in such a way that the next meeting will be allocated to that particular member, thereby ensuring that there are no missed opportunities.

Finally, with our tool, Lodago, you can assign different weights for each sales representative based on their experience level and other factors like their seniority in team, their knowledge, their expertise, their level of performance and your other criteria and assign weights to them, For example you can allocate 40 percent meetings to A, the member having most expertise and experience in handling clients and then allocate 20 percent meetings to B, someone having a little less experience than A and then finally allocate the remaining percentage to newcomers C and D (10 percent each), who are likely to feel overwhelmed if burdened with too many appointments.

This ensures that the older employees feel that they are indeed getting more meetings and thus incentives based on their performance while letting the newcomers relax a bit and get an opportunity to learn and prove themselves and are not overburdened from the beginning.

Round Robin is therefore bound to keep your employees happy and satisfied. Try it out today!

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